Where Should I Teach English Abroad? Comparing Teaching Opportunities Around The World

Oftentimes, people who desire to teach English abroad have many different reasons for wanting to teach. However, the primary benefits for choosing to teach English abroad that most teachers mention include the opportunities for cultural immersion, new language acquisition, getting paid to travel, cultural idea exchange, and professional success building.

Some Countries More Inaccessible Than Others

Although there are virtually no limits to where a person can teach abroad, there are of course, some exceptions. Many countries in the Middle East are not easily accessible due to the current political climate in that area of the world, making access to visas and even travel arrangements within these countries less than easy. Although much of Africa is accessible, like the Middle East, many countries in Africa do face civil unrest. For those who choose to teach abroad, extra caution should always be exercised when choosing to do so in countries facing political unrest. While there are plenty of great experiences to enjoy in Africa or the Middle East, going to Asia, Europe, or Latin America fairly often means lower security risks and just as rewarding a teaching and cultural experience.

Teach English in Asia

For those who choose to teach English in Asia, there are many benefits to a teaching position in Cambodia, China, Taiwan, Thailand, or Vietnam. To start, pay tends to be highest in Asian countries due to the robust nature of the economy of the Far East “tiger economy.” The Asian economy is aptly named “tiger economy” because many countries have experienced phenomenal growth, with many jobs being created, and a high demand for English language classes so as to foster greater competitive business advantages worldwide. Native English speakers who choose to teach in Asia are a tremendous asset.

Teach English in Europe

Many of those who prefer to teach English in Europe cite high cultural value – both ancient and modern – as a major draw. Beautiful architecture, open borders, a great transportation system, access to diverse languages, and a broad socio-economic environment await those who teach in Europe. The Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Russia, Spain, and Turkey are all rewarding destinations.

Teach English in Latin America

Native English language speakers who favor placements to teach English in Latin America often describe their teaching time in Latin America as active, fun, vibrant, exciting, palate pleasing, and passion-discovering. Many English language teachers in Latin America learn to eat new types of foods, learn all sorts of interesting new dance forms, get fanatical about futbol, and love to practice Spanish on some of the kindest people on earth. Some of the best teaching destinations include Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, and Peru.

All in all, whether you teach in Asia, Europe, or Latin America, there is a people, a culture and a language for you!