Selecting Schools Overseas to Teach English

Individuals who are not committed to any particular location, due to family ties, can take up jobs abroad and teach English, especially if they love to travel and wish to experience new adventures. There is a steady growing demand for English teachers overseas. According to a study carried out recently in Malaysia, students found it more comfortable to learn mathematics and science in English. It will soon become a necessity for teachers to travel overseas and teach English as more governments become aware of the need of their country to learn the language.

Here are some pointers to help you look for a good job as an English teacher overseas.

You may need to be able to set aside at least a year if you wish to go abroad and teach English so make sure you are able to stay away from home for this minimum period. Determine which location you would like to stay in and be prepared to compromise if the pay is not in keeping with your expectations. It is essential that you acquire an ESL certificate and try to get a TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) or TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate before you plan to go abroad.

If you have a bachelor’s degree and wish to launch into a career where the education is higher, you may have to get a master’s degree, as this will also help you if you wish to work at “distance education.” Try to learn the language of the country where you wish to teach before you reach there. You may need to use applications which will be easier if you are comfortable with the language.

Write out an attractive resume by highlighting extra-curricular activities. This will give you an edge for better interaction. For instance you may be able to supervise a baseball game which will be a plus point where your employers are concerned. Try to get as much feedback as possible, from teachers who have taught in the country, as this will help you view the entire experience from a better perspective.

Visit the school before you start teaching there and make enquiries about the syllabus, salary and the days that you are free to explore the country or rest. Find out the interests of the students to help you plan the appropriate lessons to enhance their skills in spoken English.

Allocate sufficient time during class hours, to encourage students to practice conversing with each other in English, especially during group activities. This will help increase their self confidence in speaking a foreign language. Be sensitive to the cultural differences when you teach students. When you teach, you are accepting a challenge to practice your skills which is akin to learning archery. There are several advantages to teaching English overseas and some of them are listed below.

Apart from being able to travel to a foreign country, you will be rewarded professionally which will give you a tremendous boost. You can experience new cultures and try your hand at learning a foreign language. In English speaking countries, teachers are expected to have advanced degrees and be a native to teach English in schools.

English can be taught in any country in the world especially where there is dispute and they wish to score by mastering the English language for communication. These schools ensure that English is taught so that children as well as adults can learn the language.

It is essential to check that the school that you are teaching in is recognized by their government or embassy. This will make you confident that they will live up to their promises. It is in your best interests to therefore look for reputed schools where you can teach and leave your mark as a great English teacher.