Where Should I Teach English Abroad? How To Determine What Asian Country Is Right For You

If you’re looking for an extremely rewarding and enriching experience, you may want to consider teaching abroad in an Asian country such as Cambodia, China, Taiwan, Thailand, or Vietnam. Teaching opportunities in Asia generally carry high salaries due to their flourishing economy and the commitment to education common in their culture. English is the universal language of business, information technology, and science, so ESL (English as second language) classes are in high demand. Schools in these Asian countries particularly value native English speaking teachers.

Are you interested in teaching English in Asia, but unsure which country would best suit you? There are many attractive opportunities to teach abroad in the different countries around Asia and each country offers a unique culture, language, way of life, and experience. Here are a few important things to consider when choosing where to teach abroad:

Teach English in Cambodia

With war and the Khmer Rouge a distant memory, Cambodia has become one of the top travel destinations in Southeast Asia. The beautiful architecture of Angkor Wat, jungle covered temple of Beng Mealea, and the sights and sounds of Siem Reap are just a few reasons to visit Cambodia. There is a high demand for English speaking teachers in Cambodia. With tourism on the rise, the ability to speak English is hugely important to the livelihood of many Cambodians. The opportunity to teach abroad in Cambodia truly is a life changing experience for students, as well as teachers.

Teach English in Taiwan

Taiwan is a small island off the coast of China. The official language of Taiwan is Mandarin Chinese, although English is taught regularly in schools. Taiwan has a past rich in Chinese culture with influences from Japan, the Netherlands and the US. Taiwan is a safe country with a variety of scenery from picturesque lush mountains and forests to tropical beaches, and is quickly becoming one of the top tourism destinations in Asia.

Teach English in China

China, one of the world’s oldest civilizations, is a popular destination to teach English abroad for many reasons. If you decide to teach English in China, you will gain invaluable knowledge about the country, culture, and language. Most programs will also teach you enough Mandarin Chinese to live comfortably. Having hands-on knowledge and experience with China is an in-demand asset in nearly every industry. When you teach in China you are expanding your options for the future.

Teach English in Vietnam

Vietnam is a very popular destination for individuals wanting to teach abroad. The low cost of living in Vietnam allows for teachers to save money while working abroad. Vietnam boasts some of the most spectacular scenery including sloping mountain ranges and breath-taking beaches.

No matter what country you choose to teach English in Asia, it is guaranteed that you will have the adventure of a lifetime.

How to Teach English to Young Learners

When asked if it is difficult to teach English, some may answer that it is like teaching any other subject, while some may argue that it depends on the type of learners that you have. Some may even say that it’s difficult no matter how old your learners are. In truth, it may be a combination of everything. Teaching is a constant learning experience, and there is no one strategy or a strict set of rules in teaching the language.

But when you teach English to young learners, however, the rules may shift a bit. For instance, considering the age and level of the learners, you can’t just ask them to read a text and execute the teaching process as you would when teaching adult learners, or at least high school students.

The effort in teaching English is doubled if you choose to do it abroad, like what many teachers are already doing today. Having a teaching career abroad is a very lucrative choice, especially since there are a lot of non-native English speaking countries which are already starting to succumb to the global demand to learn English fluently.

If you opt to teach English abroad, the number of things to consider are increased. For one thing, you will have to adjust the strategies and approaches you know in a way that would be applicable to a foreign audience. Also, the learners are not the only ones who will have to do the adjusting, but you too. You will have to learn the culture of the country, and the discrepancies in both the first and second language. Naturally, you will also have to adjust to the life of living abroad. In teaching English abroad, you have to be physically and mentally adjusted to be able to execute successful classes.

Plus when you are planning to teach English to young learners, always remember that constantly catching their attention is one of the most important things. No matter how good your lesson is on paper, if you won’t be able to execute it properly because your students aren’t paying attention, it will be useless.

So if you think that you are already equipped with sufficient knowledge about the English language, you should now stack up more on strategies, games, and approaches on how to teach it to a young audience. Once you’ve figured out how to do all these, lesson retention would be easier and you will have made great English lessons every meeting.

English Teaching Jobs Online – Prelude to Starting a Career in Teaching English Online

The advent of the technology called “The Internet” has contributed to a lot of changes people experience in the world right now. In one click, an individual can shop for his basic needs, one can send correspondence to a friend he has not seen for a long time, and many can learn the English language in the comforts of their home.

The primary factor governing a student’s decision regarding getting English lessons online is that it is the best alternative for people who have no time to attend classroom studies. There are many colleges and teachers who tend to give the suggestion of adopting the latest technologies in English learning programs online. Learning the English language online is a comprehensive and result-oriented method for understanding the linguistic concepts.

This is good news. As the number of students who prefer learning English online increases, the job opportunities for people who want to teach TEFL (or Teaching English as a Foreign Language) lessons also increases. Before even deciding on pursuing a career and getting a teach-English job, an aspiring teacher needs the proper qualifications and some related experience. To teach English as a Second Language (ESL) courses entails preparation, just like many fruitful careers.

Get an Academic Degree

Most advertised positions for teaching ESL online require at least a bachelor’s degree. It is not necessary that the applicant has completed an English degree, though this is advantageous. The importance of having an academic degree is understanding the complexities in studying any field. Needless to say, this kind of experience and understanding is very important for teachers.

Decide if You Want to Make a Career out of Teaching English Online Opportunities

Some people may be looking at teaching English online as something to do for a short time. If you wish to start a career in this field and you want to continue it for a long time, you might want to enroll in a TESOL course or a Teach English to Speakers of Other Languages certification program. Getting certification will make you more qualified to teach and it can open more teaching opportunities for you.

Choose the Age Bracket of Your Students

Remember that you are embarking on a life-changing journey. Unless you are comfortable with your audience, you will not be able to deliver well. Make sure that the age bracket you choose to teach will learn something from you because if you fail, you are not only wasting your time but theirs as well. As a result, you may not be able to continue your teach English job.

Enroll in an Online English Course

You will learn the ropes well if you enroll in an online program as a student learning the language. You do not need to finish the whole course. Just see how it feels like to be a student and learn from your instructors. Through this method, you will be able to assess whether or not it is something that you will be willing to do over a long period of time.

Once you have done these things and you are sure that this is something that you want and can do for a long time, you are ready to start a career in teaching TEFL courses and lessons.